The King & The Spider: Never give up

The King & The Spider: Never give up

The King & The Spider: Never give up

Once, a kingdom’s adversaries had it under control. Even though the monarch put up a valiant fight against his foes, the realm could not be saved.

The King & The Spider: Never give up
The King & The Spider: Never give up

After being defeated, the king fled his country. Later, using his contacts, he gathered his soldiers and returned to battle his enemies, but he was again defeated.

Even though he had already lost four times, he kept trying to win back his kingdom with increased courage and might, but he kept losing.

Enemies made every effort to capture the king, and they offered rewards to anyone who would tip them off. King fled and lived under a false identity.

He had to travel from one spot to another. King hid in a cave while on the run from his enemies.

As he sat there, he contemplated the possibility that, no matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to win back his lost kingdom. He considered giving in to his adversaries.

He observed a spider at that moment attempting to scale the cave’s top. The king observed a spider attempting to scale a roof repeatedly, even after failing in its prior attempt. He observed that it continued to attempt to climb that roof after numerous failures.

In its final attempt, the spider was finally successful in reaching the ceiling.

King was motivated by the actions of the spider and made the decision to keep trying even if he failed again. The monarch emerged from hiding, reconnected with his troops, and made the decision to launch an attack on the enemy army to reclaim his kingdom’s freedom.

This time, the king and his gallant soldiers fought valiantly, and in the end, the king was successful in recovering his lost realm.


Sometimes we must be patient, never give in to pressure, and fight repeatedly with all of our might in order to succeed.

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