Five Dalai Lama Quotes That Might Change Your Life

The teachings of the 14th Dalai Lama make it possible to grasp the essence of Buddhism. Even if you are not a Buddhist or religious person, his lessons will be tremendously eye-opening. They’ll make you think about who you are and how you should act.

I pick up the following five quotations from the 14 Dalai Lama wisdom and explain them here.

Happiness Is not Something Ready Made. It Comes From Your Own Actions

14 Dalai Lama

Happiness will not be delivered on a golden platter. You must make it happen day by day, discovering what works for you along the way.
Concentrate your thoughts and activities on your own well-being. Consider the long-term effects of every action you do, no matter how little.
Get a hobby, read something, take a stroll, talk to someone, and do things that terrify you. Play around with yourself. By trial and error, you can create your own happiness.

It Is Under The Greatest Adversity That There Exists The Greatest Potential for Doing Good, Both for Oneself and Others

14 Dalai Lama

Consider adversity to be a task that life has placed at you. Consider it an opportunity to hone your emotional resilience and adaptability.

Fortunately, people have mechanisms for recovering from adversity. Recovering is not simple, but it is surely doable if the proper measures are taken.
So, how can you regain control of yourself? One method is to learn how to regulate your emotions. Adverse events cause emotional suffering that might be intolerable at times, so allow yourself to feel those feelings. They should not be bottled. We owe them. That is how their effects begin to fade.

The Goal Is Not To Be Better Than The Other Man, But Your Previous Self

14 Dalai Lama

You are not that significant. Allow it to sink in. Nature does not repeat itself, thus we are unique. Still, you are not unique or allowed to assume that you are superior to someone simply because you accomplished something better than they did.

Reflect on your prior experiences if you want to know if you’re on the correct track. According to author Mark Manson, you should grimace at your past to see if you have matured.

So consider yourself three to six years in the past. You should be humiliated by your actions and thought patterns. This will reveal whether or not you’ve grown as a person.

A Disciplined Mind Leads To Happiness, and An Undisciplined Mind Leads to Suffering

14 Dalai Lama

The lack of a clear “why” may not be the only factor preventing you from being a disciplined individual. However, it is the most important requirement.
Having a deep and real motive for doing anything can greatly ease the path to self-discipline. It’s shocking how many individuals don’t have a compelling rationale for wanting or doing anything.

This is My Simple Religion. There Is No Need For Temples. No Need For Complicated Philosophy. Our Own Brain, Our Own Heart is Our Temple. The Philosophy is Kindness.

This is My Simple Religion. There Is No Need For Temples. No Need For Complicated Philosophy. Our Own Brain, Our Own Heart is Our Temple. The Philosophy is Kindness

14 Dalai Lama

I abandoned Christianity because there is no solid evidence to support the belief that their truth is the sole truth.
But it doesn’t mean you should close your mind. The Dalai Lama advocates for religious tolerance. Having an open mind to various religions, according to him, will teach you something fresh and beneficial. You’ll gain understanding and respect for others who think differently this way.

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