Five Dalai Lama Quotes That Might Change Your Life

The teachings of the 14th Dalai Lama make it possible to grasp the essence of Buddhism. Even if you are not a Buddhist or religious person, his lessons will be tremendously eye-opening. They’ll make you think about who you are and how you should act. I pick up the following five quotations from the 14 […]

Five Lao Tzu Quotes That Might Change Your Mind

Lao Tzu was the originator of Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy, and an ancient Chinese philosopher. It focuses on doing what comes naturally and flowing with the “flow.” Little is known about Lao Tzu, but we do know that he published part of his knowledge in the ancient Taoist scripture Tao Te Ching, which also […]

5 Leo Tolstoy Quotes to Help You Lead Content Life

Leo Tolstoy is frequently regarded as the finest author when it comes to realist fiction because of the enormous recognition and praise of War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Tolstoy’s writing style, in my opinion, stands out for the masterful method in which he integrates a real-world context with a fictional plot. This blend of […]

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