Bear Fishing in the River: A Short Story of Greed

Bear Fishing in the River: A Short Story of Greed

A bear lived in a forest and was constantly seeking new food. He noticed the weather was clear and sunny when he got up one day.

What wonderful weather, he remarked. I should go fishing and enjoy a feast while the weather is so pleasant.

He moved toward the river while contemplating this. Once there, he considered reeling in a large fish. He fully anticipated catching a fish when he dipped his fingers into the river.

Although he was overjoyed, it turned out to be a little fish. He was dissatisfied.

He pondered how he would be able to satisfy his hunger with such tiny fish. I would feel satisfied if I could catch a large fish.

Having this in mind, he returned the small fish to the river and prepared to cast his line once more. After some time, he caught another fish, although this one was also little. He also returned that fish to the river.

He frequently caught fish, but each time he only had a small fish in his grasp, which he would toss back into the river in the hopes of catching a bigger fish the next time.

The day went by while I was doing this, and it was now late. He is still unable to hold a single large fish in his hand.

He was so worn out that he gave up looking for food and collapsed there with an empty stomach. He now began to reflect on the small fish he had caught and returned to the river. He could have filled his tummy with the number of small fish he returned to the river out of his eagerness to catch a bigger fish.

Lesson: Recognize the value of your possessions. It’s still better than nothing, no matter how small.

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