Henry Ford’s determination & Desire to achieve the Impossible

Henry Ford’s determination & Desire to achieve the Impossible

After Henry Ford has achieved success, millions of people look at his accomplishments and feel envious of him because of his good fortune, luck, intellect, or whatever else they attribute to Ford’s success to him. The key to Ford’s success may only be known by one in a million people, and those who do know it are either too modest or too hesitant to share it due to its simplicity. The “secret” will be clearly illustrated by a single transaction.

Ford made the decision to create his now-famous V-8 engine a few years ago. He asked his engineers to create a design for the engine after deciding to construct an engine with all eight cylinders cast in a single block. The concept was put on paper, but the engineers unanimously concluded that casting an eight-cylinder gas engine block in one piece was just not practical.
Ford urged producers to proceed.
They said, “But it’s impossible!”
Ford told them to proceed and continue working until they were successful, no matter how long it took.

The engineers moved forward. If they wanted to stay on the Ford crew, there was nothing else they could do. After six months, nothing changed.
Yet another six months went by with no change. The engineers explored every imaginable strategy to carry out the instructions, but it seemed impossible!
Ford checked with his engineers at the end of the year, and they once more told him they had been unable to carry out his instructions.
Ford responded, “Go right ahead. I want it, and I’ll have it.”
They continued, and the secret was eventually uncovered as if by magic.

Once again, the Ford DETERMINATION had prevailed!
The details of this narrative may not be exact to the last detail, but the total and
The content is accurate. You who seek to THINK AND DUE FROM IT
If you can, try to learn GROW RICH, the Ford millionaires’ secret. You won’t need to
Take a long look.

Because he comprehends and employs the success principles, Henry Ford is a success. One of these is DESIRE: being aware of one’s desires. As you read, keep this Ford tale in mind and highlight the passages that reveal the secret to his incredible success. You can match Henry Ford’s accomplishments in practically any field for which you are qualified if you can do this and pinpoint the specific set of principles that made him wealthy.

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