Fisherman Tale: The Greedy Gatekeeper

Fisherman Tale: The Greedy Gatekeeper

Fisherman Tale: The Greedy Gatekeeper

A king once desired to plan a lavish feast. He had prepared a variety of dishes, but he was unable to obtain one particular fish.

He then announced to the kingdom that whoever brought that fish to the palace would receive a large reward.

Despite numerous attempts, no one could locate that fish. A fisherman arrived the day before the feast with that large fish.

The royal gatekeeper questioned him about his purpose for entering. The gatekeeper informed the fisherman that he would only let him enter if he promised to give him half of the award after he told him about the fish and reward.

The fisherman denied the king’s offer of a large prize after viewing the fish, who was extremely pleased.

Instead, he insisted on getting 100 lashes on his back. King was taken aback but eventually agreed when the fisherman insisted.

A servant was given 100 whippings by the king. He requested that they stop after giving the fishermen fifty lashes.

I promised someone I’d give them half of the award, he said. I want to give him a call.

Who is that individual, King questioned.

Fisherman responded, “This palace’s gatekeeper… As I approached the royal gate, the gatekeeper informed me that he would only let me in if I shared half of my reward with him.

Once the king had a full understanding of the issue, the gatekeeper was fired and handed the remaining fifty lashings.

Fisherman received a substantial reward for his hard work and knowledge.


When you commit evil activities, awful things happen, but you can escape these situations by using wise thinking. So, act morally and wisely.

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