10 Books That will Change the way you Think

10 Books That Will Change the Way You Think

Novels that change our perceptions of human potential, biographies that honor extraordinary individuals, and polemical nonfiction works that force us to reconsider our perspectives on the world or human society: we can all recall reading at least one book that made us reconsider our perspectives on the world.

My top 10 novels that will alter your life are listed below. Read these to help you think more clearly and live a healthier lifestyle.

1# The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian novelist who first published it in 1988. It was originally written in Portuguese and became a worldwide bestseller after being extensively translated. The Alchemist is an allegorical story that follows a young Andalusian shepherd on his quest to the Egyptian pyramids after having a recurring dream of discovering a treasure there.

2# Mindset

Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., a world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, found a simple yet revolutionary concept after decades of research: the power of attitude. She demonstrates how we think about our talents and abilities may have a significant impact on our performance in school, employment, sports, the arts, and practically any other field of human effort in this wonderful book. People who have a fixed mindset, or feel that talents are fixed, are less likely to succeed than those who have a growth mindset or believe that abilities may be enhanced. Mindset demonstrates how excellent parents, teachers, managers, and athletes can use this concept to create exceptional achievement.

In this updated version, Dweck expands on her now-famous and widely accepted premise. She describes a situation she refers to as a false development mentality and offers advice on how to embrace a deeper, more authentic growth attitude. She also applies the mentality notion to the cultures of groups and organizations, expanding it beyond the individual. You may inspire people you lead, educate, and love to change their lives and your own by adopting the correct mentality.

3# Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1997. It promotes financial literacy (financial education), financial independence, and wealth creation through asset investment, real estate investing, creating and running enterprises, and improving one’s financial intelligence.

4# How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie’s self-help book How to Win Friends and Influence People was released in 1936. It has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling novels of all time.

5# The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a guide to spiritual enlightenment. It appears to be a conversation about how individuals connect with one another and with themselves. The notion of self-reflection and being present in the moment is introduced, along with easy tasks for practicing its concepts. Oprah Winfrey endorsed the book, which was published in the late 1990s and has been translated into 33 languages. In 2009, three million copies were expected to have been sold in North America.

6# The 10X Rule

The 10 X Rule reveals the notion of “Massive Action,” which enables you to break past business cliches and risk aversion while taking action to achieve your goals. It also explains why many get stuck in the first three steps and how to progress to make the 10X Rule a habit. To accomplish Massive Action outcomes, learn where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action.

7# The Millionaire Fastlane

Is mediocrity’s financial plan—a dream-stealing, soul-sucking doctrine known as The Slowlane—your strategy for building wealth? You know the drill: go to school, get a decent job, save 10% of your income, buy a used vehicle, cancel the movie channels, stop drinking pricey Starbucks mocha lattes, save and penny-pinch your life away, put your life savings in the stock market, and one day you’ll be wealthy. Conventional financial experts have duped you into buying something you don’t need. There is an expressway to incredible fortune that may burn a path to financial freedom faster than any route out there for individuals who don’t want a lifelong subscription to “settle for less” and a slim possibility of senior riches.

8# The Maricle Morning

Hal Elrod is a genius, and his book The Miracle Morning has been a life-changing experience for me. Hal has reduced the “best practices”—developed over millennia of human awareness development—into a regular morning ritual.

9# Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor Frankl’s 1946 book Man’s Search for Meaning chronicles his experiences as a Nazi concentration camp prisoner during World War II, as well as outlining his psychotherapy approach, which entailed defining a positive purpose in life and then immersively visualizing that end.

The goal of the book is to address the question, “How did ordinary living in a concentration camp reflects on the typical prisoner’s mind?” Part One is an exploration of Frankl’s experiences in concentration camps, while Part Two is an introduction to his concepts about the meaning and his logotherapy theory.

10# The Blue Zones

It is not by chance that you live a long and healthy life. The keys to longevity are hotly discussed and sometimes misunderstood, yet some amazing people manage to attain it naturally, living longer and more active lives well into their 80s, 90s, and 100s. These individuals may be found in the world’s “Blue Zones,” places where shared features of lifestyle, nutrition, and philosophy have resulted in an incredible quantity—and quality—of life.

Dan Buettner, a journalist and longevity specialist, has conducted extensive studies in collaboration with the National Institute on Aging and leading academics in the field to find these communities. Better traveled to each of the four Blue Zones to meet the people who live there, see their way of life, and learn what makes them flourish. The Blue Zone tells you how to make easy lifestyle changes that might add years to your life by following their lead. These simple teachings are no longer the secrets of folks halfway over the world. They become yours to follow for the rest of your life in The Blue Zone!

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