Mel Robbins Best Books

Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule, revealed the five-second secret to inspiration to countless people all over the world. She is back with another straightforward, tested method you can apply to regain control over your life.

Mel will show you how to develop the habit of believing in yourself so that you can function with the self-assurance that your objectives and dreams demand. You’ll get to know many of them as you read this book and learn about the impact that the High 5 Habit is having on people’s lives all over the world.

The High 5 Habit is a straightforward but effective strategy that modifies your thought, attitude, and behaviour. So, while you take efforts to quickly improve your confidence, happiness, and results, be prepared to laugh and learn.

It’s time to give yourself the congratulations, encouragement, and high fives you merit.

She uses the most recent neuroscientific research, interviews with many regular people, and strategies she has tried out in her own life to demonstrate what works and what doesn’t in Stop Saying You’re Fine. The secret, she argues, is recognising how your own brain works against you. You need methods to outwit yourself because evolution has skewed your brain’s gears against acting.

That might seem difficult, but Mel has developed an incredibly efficient way to assist you in doing just that, and some of her discoveries will astound you. You may make modest course corrections that add up to significant change by setting aside your emotions and taking advantage of brief windows of rich possibilities, which she refers to as “leaning in.” The science of human connection, what children can teach us about getting things done, and why five seconds is the absolute maximum time you should wait before acting on a wonderful idea are just a few of the themes covered in this book.

Stop Saying You’re Fine goes beyond the generalisations and quick fixes provided in many self-help books by fusing warmth, humour, and unflinching honesty with contemporary research and hard-earned insight. Your life will improve thanks to Mel’s insights, and the next time someone asks how you’re doing, you’ll be able to honestly reply, “Absolutely terrific.”