Inspiring Mongolian Proverbs

Inspiring Mongolian Proverbs

Mongolia is a landlocked country in East Asia, with lush greenery and beautiful meadows. Much of its area is covered by grassy steppe, with mountains to the north and west and the Gobi Desert to the south.

Today modern Mongolia has been ruled out by many nomadic empires. Genghis khan was prominent by founding the Mongol empire. Which become the world greatest contiguous land empire in the history of Human

Today we are digging up such a warrior land to find out their stone written words.

 Who cleans up the dirt washes away happiness.

 Two bears in one cave will not end up well.

 Times are not always the same; the grass is not always green.

There are men who walk through the woods and see no trees.

The winner has many friends; the loser has good friends.

Inspiring Mongolian Proverbs
Inspiring Mongolian Proverbs

 The supreme treasure is knowledge, the middle treasure is children, and the lowest treasure is material wealth.

The more you listen the more you give yourself room for doubt.

The meat-biting tooth is in the mouth; the man-biting tooth is in the soul.

The living denied a table; the dead get a whole coffin.

Mongolian Proverbs that inspire you from Mongolian cultures
Mongolian Proverbs that inspire you from Mongolian cultures

The fish sees the bait not the hook; a man sees not the danger — only the profit.

 The donkey recognizes the tracks of a horse.

 The distance between heaven and earth is no greater than one thought.

Mongolian Proverbs that inspire you from Mongolian cultures
Mongolian Proverbs that inspire you from Mongolian cultures

Rich is he who has no debts, fortunate he who lives without handicap.

One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.

 One finger short of being crazy.

Once you have locked your door you are the emperor in your own domain.

Of the good we have an understanding, for fools we keep a stick upstairs.

 Men and women sleep on the same pillow, but they have different dreams.

 It’s difficult to take a wolf cub without bringing in the whole pack.

It is easier to catch an escaped horse than to take back an escaped word.

 In a good word there are three winters’ warmth; in one malicious word there is pain for six frosty months.

 If you want to build high, you must dig deep.

If you are sick, think about your life; if you are better, think about your gold.

 If you are going to steal bells plug your ears.

If the cairn were not built, the magpie wouldn’t have perched.

He who drinks, dies; he who does not drink, dies as well.

 Greed keeps men forever poor, even the abundance of this world will not make them rich.

Fox will starve to death while waiting under an ox.

Even foul water will put out a fire.

 Each country’s customs are different, just as each meadow’s grass is different.

Don’t undo your bootlaces until you have seen the river.

 Don’t look for bad things in the good that you do.

Calf is not grown, but he thinks he can make bull’s dung.

 A tiger wearing a bell will starve.

 A donkey that carries me is worth more than a horse that kicks me.

A cat likes to eat fresh fish but it will not go into the water.

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